Apr 27, 2017

Signature Scents: F. Scott Fitzgerald

The next author is likely the most popular of the bunch, the attractive and articulate voice of a generation. One of the first people to capitalize on youth culture nearly a century ago, F. Scott Fitzgerald lived an intense life, experiencing a shifting world in all parts of the U.S. and a good portion of Europe. Lucky for us he wrote it all down.




Francis Scott Fitzgerald is considered one of the biggest names in American literature. Although never quite a dedicated student, he was catapulted into the spotlight with his first novel, This Side of Paradise. Although many know him for the high school standard, The Great Gatsby. He recorded a generation in flux after one of the most catastrophic events in history. To the vexation of parents everywhere he illuminated the “wild” youth culture that was showing up due to the changing landscape of the early Twentieth Century. Most of his stories are a melange of his relationships with friends and girlfriends. He became known for his wild antics with his wife, Zelda. It is a longstanding debate whether he would have been as successful without her or without his legendary circle of Lost Generation expats.


Fitzgerald’s family is most often dissected in order to describe his intense dedication to success. He came from an upper middle class, midwestern, Irish Catholic family, born in St. Paul but spent the first decade or so of his life in Buffalo. His father by all accounts was not a consistent provider. Due to his father’s termination from Procter and Gamble, the family had to pack up and move back to St. Paul. Scott continued his schooling, moving from prestigious prep schools to Princeton. He was immensely talented but was also in danger of flunking out. Failure seemed to haunt Scott until he found the opportunity to enlist in the Army for World War I. During basic training he worked on his novel and met Zelda. Flash forward to 1920 and he was THE author everyone wanted to talk about.




Skipping past volumes that could be written about his literary genius, meaningful relationships, and troubling alcoholism, what would it be like to sit down for a bit in a cafe with him? Why there would be a base of vetiver and cedar, a heart of crushed juniper berry, and top notes of lavender and pear of course. Fitzgerald wasn’t your typical brutish man but he was a handsome man and knew how to charm everyone. He would assuredly have a masculine scent with a bit of a fussy balance of alluring notes, similar to his meticulous writing and editing process. Although he is considered one of the foremost American writers, writing the quintessential Great American novel, he most assuredly had European embellishments drift into his life due to his upbringing and extensive time abroad. Juniper is a notable scent as it holds both a place with his well documented attachment to gin…and with the fact that the Juniper tree populates much of Alabama, where Zelda is from. A scent that is stimulating and leaving you wanting more, it is an experimental definition of his short but brilliant life.


Kristin Derby, Contributing Writer/Graphic Designer

Instagram: @kristinderby



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