Jun 01, 2017

Taking a Facial Oasis

Oasis Cleansing Facial Soap

Special Note: I am celebrating the one year Anniversary of Oasis this month! Oasis is a 3-step skin care regimen made with only organic and vegan ingredients, and packaged in sustainable packaging! Save 30% through the month of May when you shop Oasis at
The Oasis cleansing facial soap is so much more than a bar of soap. While you can use this soap anywhere on your body, I designed and formulated it for especially for use on your face.




So what’s in a soap that is so especially formulated for your face?

Coconut Oil & Cold Cream – I start with coconut oil and cold cream to provide gentle moisture to the very delicate skin of your face without clogging your pores or turning to grease later in the day.
Jojoba Oil – Jojoba Oil is a great oil that is super close to your skin’s natural sebum. I use this oil to help the ingredients absorb into your skin. Again, it’s light, so it helps to keep your pores open and breathing while it nourishes your skin.

Rose Hip Extract – I use rose hip extract for its anti-aging properties. It helps your skin to regenerate healthy new cells, which helps to reduce the appearance of scars and skin damage. New cells also help to improve your skin’s color and tone so that you have brighter complexion and more even tone. Rose Hip Extract also help to improve your skin’s elasticity, which softens the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Rose Clay – Each bar of Oasis has pink marbling which comes from the rose clay. It’s pretty, but I also use it for its super gentle exfoliating properties. Clay is a gentle enough exfoliant that you can use it every day without damaging your skin. Rose clay does not pull oil from your skin, so there’s no chance of over-drying.

Overall, my favorite quality of my Oasis cleanser is how soft and clean my skin feels after cleansing with it. A lot of liquid and bar cleansers can leave skin feeling stretched or dry. I’ve even used cleansers that give me an obnoxious, flaky T-zone. The whole idea behind Oasis is to accentuate the natural qualities and processes of your skin rather than to impede or change it. So, you should feel like you didn’t do anything at all while your skin drinks up the benefits!

Happy cleansing!

P.S. Did I mention that the packaging is totally compostable, and that the Oasis Collection is all natural, vegan and organic?

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Savannah R. Griffith

Owner, Rare Bath and Body
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