Apr 27, 2017

We Got Scrubs


We caught up with our amazing advertiser, Rare Bath and Body about their newest product ~ SCRUBS and after sampling it we’ve fallen in love.  Here is a description from the maker herself.


The Sugar Body Scrub is another amazing product that has multiple uses. It’s especially great for skin that is transitioning from the dryness of our winter over the our more humid summer weather. Use it as an exfoliating body wash to refresh and recover your skin from winter. Just add a dollop of your sugar scrub to your loofah, washcloth or bath brush and scrub away. Work in a circular motion and be sure to get problem areas like the heels of your feet and elbows. The sugar gently scrubs away dry skin to reveal the healthy, glowing skin beneath. Moisturize when you get out of the shower. Keep the sugar scrub on hand as the sun gets hotter and remember to exfoliate after a day at the beach or a day in the sun to keep your skin healthy.

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The Sugar Body Scrub is also amazing as a shaving cream. Lather up your legs until the sugar dissolves and shave with the creamy bubbles that remain. You’ll not only get a close, conditioned shave, but you’ll exfoliate your legs too, leaving your skin silky smooth and so soft.


If you love to kick back and relax with a DIY mani or pedi at home (one of my favorite ways to unwind), you can use your sugar scrub to gently exfoliate fingers and toes before you proceed with your nails. Soak your hands or feet in warm water, exfoliate with your sugar scrub and pat dry. Then you’re prepped and ready to clean up those cuticles and moisturize!


Rare Bath and Body’s Sugar Body Scrubs are now available in 5 fragrances: Choose from Chocolate Lavender (my personal addiction), Coconut Lime, Vanilla Almond, Lemon or Rosemary Mint (brand new!). Can’t decide on your fragrance? Get all 5 in an adorable, travel-ready sample pack.


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Savannah R. Griffith

Owner, Rare Bath and Body

(716) 930-5311
Grand Island, NY 14072

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